Client FAQs

Do any of your therapists take insurance?

Not currently. We hope to have some insurance coverage options soon. If a therapist takes insurance it will be listed on their profile page.

How does scheduling an appointment work?

Once you have chosen a therapist you would like to work with and have checked their availability and locations, text 484-679-6983 or email to set up an appointment. Please include: your name/alias; name of the therapist you’d like to see; and date, time and location of appointment.

**Please do not include any personal health information as these lines of communication are not HIPAA-compliant.**

What does it mean if a therapist is “under supervision”?

When reviewing the therapist’s profiles, you’ll notice that some say “under supervision”, “pending”, or “licensed”. To become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) therapists must do 3,000 hours of supervised clinical work with an already licensed professional. No worries though, these therapists have already gotten their Master’s Degrees and have extensive experience working with clients through their daily jobs, practicum, and internship experiences. A “Pending” title means that the therapist has completed their supervision and is awaiting their official license from the state board. Of course, “Licensed” means that they’ve completed the hours and paperwork, and are officially an LPC.

What do these different license codes mean (LPC, LCSW)?

LPC stands for “Licensed Professional Counselor” and LCSW stands for “Licensed Clinical Social Worker”. For LPC, therapists need to hold a Master’s Degree in Counseling, while LCSW’s hold their Master’s in Social Work. They are both trained in individual and group therapeutic practices.

Where can I meet with my therapist?

A park, coffee shop, shopping mall… anywhere! All of the Airapy therapists have already identified locations around Philadelphia and South Jersey where they can meet, but many are open to new suggestions.

Can I meet my therapist at my home?

While your initial session will be in a mutually agreeable public location, if you and your therapist decide that meeting in your home is beneficial for your treatment, that is something you may discuss with them.

How will I find my therapist for our first meeting?

First, take a look at their photo on their profile page to get a sense of who you might be looking for. If you still can’t find them, look for the person wearing an Airapy button! Here is what it looks like.

What happens if I see someone I or my therapist knows while in public during our session?

Since Airapy is therapy in non-traditional and sometimes public spaces, this may happen! During your first session, you and your therapist will set some ground rules and discuss how you feel most comfortable approaching a situation like this.

I’ve never been to therapy before, what can I expect?

Each session is tailored to the individual client, but here’s a general overview of what to expect during your first session:

  • You and your therapist will go over the norms and guidelines of therapy

  • You may be asked to share your expectations of therapy and your goals

  • Your therapist may ask you about your personal history and current situation

  • Be open and honest about your feelings

I’m meeting my therapist at a coffee shop, how should I go about ordering?

If you plan on ordering coffee or a snack during your session, you are responsible to pay for yourself and to make sure that you complete this process before the start of your session. Sessions will not be extended because of ordering time.

How long are the sessions?

Generally therapy sessions last between 45 and 50 minutes.

How do I schedule a recurring session?

You can either schedule recurring sessions directly with your therapist or by contacting our administrator at 484-679-6983 or

I’m not sure if I’m connecting with my therapist, can I change to someone else?

Absolutely! Having a therapist you feel comfortable with is incredibly important to the process and it may take a few tries to find the “right fit”. Oftentimes a client knows if a therapist is right for them after about two sessions, but it may take you a longer or shorter amount of time. Be patient and honest about your feelings!

Are any of the Airapy therapists LGBTQ-friendly?

All of our therapists are open and affirming. When scheduling your appointment you may ask more specific questions about each therapist.

Any other questions? Send them our way!