Barbyose Noisette Sanders, M.S.

Barbyose Noisette Sanders, M.S.

Barbyose Noisette Sanders, M.S.

Why I became a therapist

I became a Therapist because I believe in everyone's capacity to grow and become a better version of themselves by reaching inward. I believe in helping people recognize their potential and applying methods to help them achieve and realize their goals.

Background & Experience

My name is Barbyose. I like to be called Barbyose :) I was born in NY and raised in PA. I love to read, draw, and connect to the people around me. I am currently attempting to get back to singing and playing the piano, two gifts that I haven't engaged in for years.


  • B.S. Communication and Technology, 2005

  • M.S. Administration of Human Services, 2009

  • Currently under supervision for LPC license (PA)

Treatment Style

The treatment styles I subscribe to, include, cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness, family therapy, and trauma therapy. I work with youth and adults in issues around behavior, trauma, and self worth.


I have a pre-selected a few meeting places in Philadelphia that are convenient for me. You may suggest a new location for our meeting.

  • Rittenhouse Square is a public park located on 19th and Walnut Streets. It's conveniently located across from Barnes and Nobles.

  • Penn Book Store, 3601 Walnut Street, this location has an upstairs cafe 30th Street Station, 30th and Market Streets. This location is outfitted with tables and ample space.

  • Barnes & Noble, 1805 Walnut Street, conveniently located across the street from Rittenhouse Square.

  • The Market and Shops at the Comcast Center, located at 1701 JFK Blvd. This convenient location has a cafeteria feel with lots of space and opportunity for privacy.

How to make an appointment

By text message:

My up-to-date availability is shown on the calendar below. Please text our administrator at 484-679-6983 with my name (Barbyose), your name (or alias), the date, time, and location of the requested appointment. They will respond within 24 hours with an appointment confirmation and any follow-up questions.

By email:

If you prefer email, please email with the same information and she will respond quickly with an appointment confirmation and any follow-up questions.

Please remember…

Do not include any information about your medical history, previous treatments, diagnoses, or medications when you book your appointment. These communication channels are for the sole purpose of booking appointments and are not HIPAA-compliant. Appointments made within 24 hours aren’t always guaranteed.

My Rate

My rate is $60/hour. I will accept payment through Venmo